Monday, July 24, 2017

You don't look that old!

  A funny thing happens when you have a birthday.  (Especially when it is your 77th birthday.) People start saying things like "you don't look that old" or "don't worry, you have a lot of years ahead of you".  I never think about it much but that kind of "compliment" can really get you depressed.
   We are working at "down-sizing" which really means, the house is to big and our knees can't take the stairs anymore.  I had forgotten how hard it was getting all that furniture, rugs, lamps, clothes, luggage, etc. up the stairs.  I will always remember how hard it was to get that stuff down the stairs.  Going up was like youth, the strength of me, the athlete, the beast, and three strong boys to help.  Coming down is like age, slow, one step at a time, take time to breath, don't forget the sweat rag, sore muscles, ice, nap.
Off to the Dump!
   Today I take my compliments where they come.  I got hit on by a woman in her late 80s yesterday.  My mother died younger than the lady.  At first I was shocked and felt a little disgusted by it, but when I did the math, I realized it would be like being 20 and being hit on by a woman 23.  Wow!  That would be sexy.  So, as Einstein said, "time is relative".  

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