Monday, November 21, 2016

Where did the time go?

   I was looking at a folder with some pictures in it and noticed how much we had changed over time. Now that is not the most earth shattering revelation that I have ever come up with but, what the heck, this is my blog and I will call notice to what ever I want!  Notice how the pictures tell the story of two people and the journey that take together.  Notice also how many lives are impacted by their lives.
Vera and Jack et. al.
   Starting with their wedding.  There stand her girlhood friends and his school and football buddies.  One might imagine that they would all be friends forever.  Sadly, only Vicky keeps in touch and Arnie
died and Charlie and Tom have faded into the woodwork.
1st house in Glendora
   Soon after the wedding, we started started a family and had to look for a bigger home.  The one bedroom studio was just not big enough for what was to come
   We were cozy in our little apartment with it's bite sized rooms.  A kitchenette, a "twin sized" bedroom, and bath and a living room that was home to so many fellow students that attended Azusa Pacific University, just down the road.  But, when the babies started to come there was no stopping them and we had to move.  We expected to have to start in a small two bedroom "Levitz" type house with the flat roof and stark surroundings, but through a miracle and a great real estate agent we were able to into a house that had been placed in probate.  The house was wonderful!  Two bedrooms, a huge domed living room with a fireplace decorated with real Batchelder tiles.  There was a real dining room, a large kitchen a laundry room, and a detached garage that enclosed a backyard just made for children to play in.  We were astounded to find out later that one of the doors that we thought let to a closet was really the door to a stairway up to a modified upstairs area that could be used for an additional two bedrooms and a den.  WOW!
Lft to Rt. Brian, Marc and Adam
Lft to Rt. Brian, Adam and Marc
 Our joy increased as our family grew.  Three wonderful boys, like the arrows in a hunters quiver, ready to grow strong and make their ways into the world.  What a great mom Vera was.  A new home, a crazy, driven husband who insisted on working two jobs, playing college football and completing his first degree in Psychology.  She loved all of her four children then as she does now,  Marcus, Brian, Adam and me.