Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A New President - A New Peace?

  Fear, anger hate are all hard wired and sit inside us like ticking time bombs. So why don't we all go running through the streets with flaming torches and pitchforks?  The fuel that feeds these emotions comes from what I call the " empowered leader".  This leader given voice by extreme radio broadcasters and some evangelical preachers, is free to feed the "big lie" to simple needy people who will follow forever if their fears, anger and hate are not addressed.  

I wrote these words before the tragic and disgraceful attempt to overthrow a legally cast and counted election, and the peaceful transfer of power as outlined in the Constitution, and that is so sacred to this country.  Those who were fed lies by their champion and empowered leader sought to take over Congress by violent and life threatening means, including kidnapping and murder.  Some carrying bombs, nooses, and clubs.  

Some of those misled people have been apprehended but those that led and planned the atrocity in Washington, have not and probably will never be held accountable.  Soon we will turn the page that closed one chapter and begins a new one.  What a great opportunity we have for change!

We are not there yet, but some day, the people of this country will begin to remember that We are better than we were.  We must begin to listen to the voices of those to whom we disagree.  We must avoid the flames of discord, we need to  give VOICE to those who feel they have none, and then we must LISTEN.

This is the challenge we must all take up.