Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer Time
Well they don't call it June gloom for nothing! I suffer when ever there is more than 2 or 3 days of overcast weather, so you can imagine how I feel about Summer. Summer is filled with family birthdays (we all seem to be Leos) We have more family get togethers, outdoor activities, and vacations. The city of Claremont has "Music in the Park" on Monday and the Police dept. sponsors Bar B Que in the park on Thursdays.We all come from "education worker" backgrounds, which means we are all used to taking our vacations in the summer. I remember taking off for a month in July to travel with my mom and dad across the "Mother Road" Highway 66 all the way to New York. We did not have air conditioning so we would have to travel at night with one of those canvas water bag hanging from the front bumper. (How many know what a bumper is?) I still have a yen once in a while for the taste of cool canvas flavored water in the summer time.I have always had the best times in the Summer. The best was the summer after I graduated from Glendale High School. I spent almost every day on the beach at Huntington. A great time was getting a group of kids and going up to "Pipeline" for a night dinner and, well, whatever. I got so tan that my girlfriend's father didn't recognize me from the Spring. He was a jackass!The end of Summer meant getting in shape for Football. Run, run, run, was the schedule every day. My mother would stand on the track with a stopwatch and shout out lap times. Great! Today I have more options than I did than, I don't have to swelter in the heat of the Inland Valley, or suffer the humidity of the coast. I gather the clan and off we go up the coast in the RV to seek cooler climes. We eat the cheeses of Tillimook and Cache Valley. We drink the wines of California, Oregon and Washington. Mybe even catch a willing Salmon up near Whistler in British Colombia. What I am saying is that it doesn't matter which way we go. It"s Summer Time,