Monday, December 23, 2013

Some thought on Wonder and Majesty

  It is not hard to have things to say at Christmas time.  There are memories of Christmases gone by, gifts and gatherings and music and all sorts of tantalizing things to stimulate the senses.  For some there are not so great memories, but these words are for those who can see past them.  These words then, are not memories but reflections of what Scrooge might call "Christmas Present."

  However, is Christmas just a memory? For that matter is Christmas just a one time thing that happens in December?  Why not have it go from image to feeling, like art does to the spirit?  A feeling that fills us every time we see or remember that sculpture or painting or building.  I am not satisfied to let it be just be a one time party with gifts and food, a colorful tree and food, but a Spirit that lives in our hearts every day!  Oh, I too will get tired of carols and eggnog soon enough but do we have to put our loving spirits away with the decorations?

  I think of Christmas like I think of the memory of my mother, or the memory of the joy I felt when the first person referred to me as "artist".  Memories that were overwhelming at the time but that I welcome every time they come to me.  I used to dream about the clay spinning around on the wheel and looked forward to seeing how far I could stretch the clay before it cracked.  I still weep to think of my mother, no longer here to give me her smile and hear the sound of her wisdom. But, I never want to let them go!

  Like those memories and emotions, I want Christmas to be in me and about me every day.  I want it to be said of me, as it was said of Scrooge, that he knew how to keep Christmas, every day.