Thursday, February 14, 2013


  What a great day is Valentines Day.  Besides making tons of money for greeting card manufacturers and confectioners, it gives all people a reason to be nice to each other.  Now you wouldn't think you would need an excuse to be nice but the nature of the electronic and cave-like existence we "urbanites" experience makes for seclusion and non expression.
   Expressing affection makes us vulnerable.  What happens when you say, "I like you"?  We give the other person the chance to give us a response (if they give one at all) that is not up to what we wanted or expected. The spine shrivels, the tears form, and we slither away back into our safe little dark caves.
   Well I'm here to tell you that you don't have to worry!  You are NOT going to be rejected, if you don't get the "Hurrah or Fanfare" that you expected, learn to take what you got a enjoy it.  The point is that the declaration of affection will return 10 or 100 fold.  I have clung to an old song all my life that has a phrase that goes like this:
   "If you don't want to love me baby, somebody else will, somebody else will, somebody else
     will, if you don't want do love me baby, somebody else will,
somebody else will LOVE ME BETTER!"  

Love to all, be good to one another