Thursday, January 17, 2013

   We live in California.  Having said that, last week we had evening temperatures in the 30s and that folks is cause for panic in the Southwest!  If we had had rain, the local police would have closed the roads, and if it had snowed or gotten ice on the roads we would have called FEMA!  Therefore, the sun and 70 degree weather today is like the beginning of Spring and all things are well with the world.   My dear friend and life companion of over 45 years is retiring today!  She encouraged me to retire in 2002 but continued to work part time at the local college library.  Today she calls it quits and that means we get to play.  We are hoping to use our RV more often, attend the gym together, interfere in our grand children's lives, and create havoc where ever we go.  I realize that this blog is mainly me talking to me, but should anyone else read this, send us your comments and maybe a few suggestions as to what to do, now that someone has let the dogs out.