Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Year

     A new year begins and another one fades into the past.  Some are excited about the future and some see only the regrets.  2012 was filled with natural disaster, criminal acts of tragic proportions, controversial elections and mind numbing economy.  You know what???? We can expect the same in the next year as well.  Sounds fatalistic.... it is not meant to be negative. It is meant to take a realistic look at life.  God knows we would love to have everything tied up with warm fuzzies and sugar coated kisses.  But I say, nay, nay!  
    Not all the peanuts in the jar taste good.  But that should not be the criteria for avoiding snacks.  Remember the words of Auntie Mame,  "life is a banquet and most suckers don't even get up to the table!"  Did you lose your job?  Did someone die?  Did you lose parts?  If you want someone to hold you and support you, I'm your man.  If you expect everything to go perfectly, you are living in la la land.
    This year brought friends death, personal pain and illness, frustration and malaise.  And I consider this year to be one of the most wonderful years of my life!  Why, because I am surrounded by those who love me, respect what I do and think about, because I have a means to express my inner self, AND the expectation of a new beginning each day!  Why don't we begin the new year with the expectation that life will be nothing more, nothing less than life!  Live through the crap and remember the roses.  You and I are unique. We are special and we only go around once!  Reach out and hand a friend or a stranger the boon of YOU!  

May you and yours have the best of New Years!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Drinking in the Christmas Spirits

    'Tis the day after Christmas and all through the web it seems as though the people are anxious to move on.    To leave behind the tinsel and egg nog and get on to "the next thing".  To that I say Bah Humbug!  Goodness people have we learned nothing from the last election, Newtown, the economy, the Mayans or even Dickens, that we can't keep Christmas in our hearts at least until January!!!!
   Can't you still feel the warmth of family and good food?  Gifts exchanges with love and children stuffed with sweets and eyes wide with expectation.   Can't we try to remember as least for a few days that it is the birth of our Savior that we are celebrating and that it is he that provides all good gifts?
   Think back to your own youth, those mornings filled with good smells and laughter, new toys and the feeling that if you had any more happiness inside you that you would burst!
  Remember yesterday, live today!  Tomorrow will get along by itself.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

   Well I have started constructing a website!  Hopefully, it will feature news and pictures of our family, pictures of the little pots that I make, and views of the travel we do with and without our RV friends.  I am really tired right now. I taught a ceramic class and spent 3 hours in the lab trying to get my head around the fact that all my pots were part of a kiln catastrophe. Somehow the temperature was allow to increase to maximum instead of in small increments and all the pots blew up.  All this with a show/sale this Saturday.  It is hard to believe that just last week we were in Hawaii, calm, serene and content.  I am going to have a cup of Earl Gray and relax. Tomorrow is another day!