Wednesday, December 5, 2012

   Well I have started constructing a website!  Hopefully, it will feature news and pictures of our family, pictures of the little pots that I make, and views of the travel we do with and without our RV friends.  I am really tired right now. I taught a ceramic class and spent 3 hours in the lab trying to get my head around the fact that all my pots were part of a kiln catastrophe. Somehow the temperature was allow to increase to maximum instead of in small increments and all the pots blew up.  All this with a show/sale this Saturday.  It is hard to believe that just last week we were in Hawaii, calm, serene and content.  I am going to have a cup of Earl Gray and relax. Tomorrow is another day!

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  1. jack! i am so sorry to hear this! this is horrible.
    i am impressed that you are taking as calm as you seem. i would be screaming if it were me. a cup of tea is a really good idea.
    give my best to vera.