Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Here's to you, on Father's Day! As a father who had a great role model for a father, I want to salute you for the job you do. I don't have to tell you how much work you do to protect and care for your family. The sacrifices you make on a daily basis to keep the peace and maintain the continuous flow of love in the home. You get up every day and face a hostile world so that your family can live a style of life that provides opportunitiees that yhou never had. You put up with decisions and behavior at your workplace that you have no control over so that you can give to your loved ones.

Others may show their respect once a year with a gift or a card byt the rest of the year yhour efforts seem to be overlooked. You will go to your grave and be thought of as some footnote in the family history book. BUT WE KNOW! We know the courage it takes to face the world every day, to stand tall for your family even when you are frightened. To be in charge ALL the time when all you want some times is just to let someone else take the responsibility for awhile.

We don't form friendships easily, we don't join artificial support groups. We watch those we do call friends disappear one by one until we are alone! But remember, WE KNOW! Your brothers know, your fathers know, you know. The Brotherhood of Fathers know! You are not invisible, you are appreciated and respected by the rest of us.

So, happy Father's Day. Have a day of pride in your accomplishments, and you dreams. Teach your sons the arcane mysteries of Fatherhood and leave a legacy and a legend for those who come after you.

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